LG 50PC55 Repair Kit

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LG 50PC55 Repair Kit - contains components necessary to effectively repair this plasma TV.


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This kit contains the components necessary to repair a LG 50PC55 plasma TV with the following symptoms: LG 50PC55 is slow to startup or not starting up at all then this kit should resolve the issue. The kit contains:- 5x 3300UF 10V 1x 680UF 10V 1x EEPROM 1x Instruction sheet to help you identify the faulty capacitors. The components included in the kit are quality, superior components manufactured by either Panasonic or Rubycon (capacitors). The EEPROM is manufactured by MICROCHIP. Data sheets are available for all components upon request. The components are all the correct size to replace the originals. If you have any questions about this kit, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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